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July 23, 2020

Votes for Women

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In recognition of the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, Minnesota Historical Society Press is proud to publish books and articles that celebrate Minnesota women who shifted the political landscape before and after the passage of the 19th Amendment.


Gentle Warriors by Barbara Stuhler


Turnout: Making Minnesota the State that Votes, by Joan Growe with Lori Sturdevant

The Privilege for Which We Struggled, by Heidi Bauer

Gentle Warriors: Clara Ueland and the Minnesota Struggle for Woman Suffrage, by Barbara Stuhler

Minnesota Voter ID and the National Debate, by Jim Ragsdale (e-book only)

Minnesota History Magazine

Minnesota History October 2020 Double Issue on Suffrage

Bloomberg, Kristin Mapel, and Erin Parrish, The Political Equality Club of Minneapolis (Fall 2006)

Christie, Jean, Sarah Christie Stevens, Schoolwoman (Spring 1983)

Evans, Sara M., Toward a Usable Past: Feminism as History and Politics (Summer 1983)

Green, William D., Minnesota’s Long Road to Black Suffrage 1849-1868 (Summer 1998)

Lief, Julia Wiech, A Woman of Purpose: Julia B. Nelson (Winter 1981)

Peterson, Anna Marie, Adding “A Little Suffrage Spice to the Melting Pot”: Minnesota’s Scandinavian Woman Suffrage Association (Winter 2011)

Pruitt, Mary C., “Lady Organizer”: Sabrie G. Akin and the Labor World (Summer 1991)

Register, Cheri, When Women Went Public: Feminist Reforms in the 1970s (Summer 2008)

Riley, Glenda, In or Out of the Historical Kitchen?: Interpretations of Minnesota Rural Women (Summer 1990)

Simpkins, Dave, Sinclair Lewis: Suffragent (Winter 2015)

Solberg, Winton U., Martha G. Ripley: Pioneer Doctor and Social Reformer (Spring 1964)

Sommerdorf, Norma, Harriet E. Bishop: A Doer and a Mover (Fall 1997)

Stuhler, Barbara, Organizing for the Vote: Leaders of Minnesota’s Woman Suffrage Movement (Fall 1995)


Spotlight on Suffrage

African American Suffrage in Minnesota, 1868

American Woman Suffrage Association Convention, Minneapolis, 1885

Cain, Myrtle Agnes (1894-1980)

Dorsett, Martha (1851–1918)

Hough, Sue Metzger Dickey (ca. 1882–1980)

Kempfer, Hannah Jensen (1880-1943)

Minnesota Female Suffrage Bill, 1870

Minnesota Woman Suffrage Association

Minnesota Woman Suffrage Memorial, St. Paul

National Women’s Party in Minnesota

Nelson, Julia Bullard (1842–1914)

Paige, Mabeth Hurd (1870-1961)

Ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in Minnesota

Ripley, Martha George (1843–1912)

Scandinavian Woman Suffrage Association

Stearns, Sarah Burger (1836-1904)

Ueland, Clara (1860-1927)

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