Big Little Brother

“An exceptionally funny and bittersweet book that any reader, young or old, who has been an older sibling will warm to.”   --New York Times

“A sweet-natured tale about negotiating sibling dynamics that is as comforting as a hug.” --Kirkus Reviews

i-Pad app and hardcover children’s picture book available now!

For ages 3-8

Being an older brother has its benefits, of that there’s little doubt. But how would you feel if your little brother grew to be bigger than you? And what if he insisted on touching all your things and following you everywhere you went? It’s enough to frustrate the most even-keeled of kids.

The narrator of Big Little Brother wants nothing more than to escape his brother’s sticky fingers. Then an encounter at the Old Woman in the Shoe play area involving a bully, a plastic turkey, and his big, little brother teaches him that a pesky younger sibling can actually be a pal.

The Big Little Brother app features audio by storyteller Kevin Kling, described as “one of our great national treasures” by public radio personality Krista Tippett. Many of the intricate illustrations by Chris Monroe hold extra dialogue and audio, available at a touch: spin the Tinkertoy wheel, put the turkey in the oven, turn out the lights. Hundreds of interactive details will surprise children (and adults) through many readings of Big Little Brother.

And, of course, a traditional hardcover book is available from a fine bookseller near you and the Minnesota History Center online store.

Video of iPad App:

Videos of Kevin Kling and his actual big little brother, Steve!

The one about the turkey and the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots:

The claw and the siren:



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