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10 Minnesota e-books by Minnesota writers for $4.99 each from popular e-book vendors including, Amazon.com,barnesandnoble.com, and Apple’s iTunes/iBooks store. Prices good through Labor Day!


Kevin Kling\'s The Dog Says HowThe Dog Says How

by Kevin Kling 

 Kling’s autobiographical tales are as enchanting as they are true to life:  hopping freight trains, getting hit by lightning, growing up in Minnesota, and eating things before  knowing what they are.

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 Travel Guide for Reckless Hearts

A Travel Guide for Reckless Hearts: Stories

by N. M. Kelby 

Ten sweet and slightly wicked stories by N. M. Kelby, whose work has appeared on National Public Radio’s “Selected Shorts” and on NPR’s CD Travel Tales.

An “artful collection of stories”.  The New York Times Book Review 

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 Dial M

Dial M: the Murder of Carol Thompson

by William Swanson

A haunting re-creation of the brutal death of an American housewife, the conviction of her husband, and the family trial at which their children determined for themselves how their father should be charged. 

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Answering 911

Answering 911: Life in the Hot Seat

by Caroline Burau

“The day may come when I have to dial 911. I hope to God that the person who answers is Caroline Burau or someone like her. Funny, honest, and elegantly simple, this book left me with a sense of grace and hope.” -Alison McGhee, author of Shadow Baby, Rainlight, Was It Beautiful? and Falling Boy

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Fried by Steve Lerach

Fried: Surviving Two Centuries in Restaurants

by Steve Lerach 

 From the finest restaurants of Paris to the Kashmiri Dining Room at the Ambassador Motor Inn in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, Steve Lerach offers an entertaining, outrageous, and compassionate look at the people who put the food on your plate. 

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Opening Goliath

Opening Golaith: Danger and Discovery in Caving

by Cary J. Griffith

“Writing in a style that reads like fiction, Griffith takes readers into heart-stopping action alongside caver John Ackerman, who found unexplored Goliath Cave in southeastern Minnesota.” St. Paul Pioneer Press


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Beware of CatBeware of Cat and Other Encounters of a Letter Carrier

by Vincent Wykcoff 

Letter carriers like Vincent Wyckoff walk through the same neighborhood each day,  learning its stories and making connections between people. In these funny and touching tales, Beware of Cat reveals the inner workings of an ordinary place of extraordinary interest.

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Summer of Ordinary WaysThe Summer of Ordinary Ways: A Memoir

by Nicole Lea Helget

 “Helget wrings intensity from the seemingly mundane–a family farm, the kitchen, a sleepy Midwestern town–to recreate a past that lives on somewhere between a dream and a nightmare. Helget’s debut is nothing short of remarkable.”–Rosellen Brown, author of Tender Mercies

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Crossing Hoffa

Crossing Hoffa: A Teamster’s Story

by Steven J. Harper

In this fascinating account, Steven Harper traces the interwoven paths of two men-a criminal icon and Harper’s determined vigilante father-from their formative years through their unbelievable face-off.

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 Reaching Past the Wire

Reaching Past the Wire: A Nurse at Abu Ghraib

by Deanna Germain, Lieutenant Colonel, USAR (Ret) with Connie Lounsbury

With startling detail, Lt. Col. Germain offers a clear-eyed account of life as a nursing supervisor behind the fortified gates of Abu Ghraib, which had recently made headlines around the world for prisoner abuse. Despite unbearable heat, frequent mortar attacks, medical supply shortages, substandard facilities, the relentless stench of war, and sleepless nights quartered in a tiny prison cell, Germain served the medical needs of each of her patients with remarkable humanity. 

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