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MNopedia Prototype Goes Live!

Posted byhartmanel on 18 Aug 2011 | Tagged as: History, MHS press, Technology

MNopedia LogoThe prototype (or beta version) of MNopedia, an online encyclopedia about Minnesota, is now live for public review.

Initial entries highlight people, places, events, and things from the Industrial Era of Minnesota history (1865-1914). The entries also point to related resources in the Minnesota Historical Society collections, including historic images and Minnesota History articles.

From this beginning, the encyclopedia will grow to include a wider range of content from additional contributors. Minnesota Historical Society Press authors and other respected experts have already signed on to contribute.

Visit the MNopedia prototype to learn more and offer feedback. Comment on an existing entry or suggest a new one. Join the web site’s discussion forum. User feedback will help the Minnesota Historical Society refine and expand the encyclopedia in the coming year.

The Minnesota Historical Society Press is developing MNopedia in partnership with other programs and departments at the Society, with support from the state’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Follow the Book Chatter

Posted bypennefesm on 21 May 2010 | Tagged as: Technology

Are you on Twitter? More and more we start and end our day with a Tweet Roundup, a quick look at all the news of the day, including especially news of the book and Minnesota’s literary scene.

Want to know who we’re following these days? Check them out. And while you’re at it, find us @mhspress

Happy Tweeting!

Ann McKinnon | Saint Paul, Minnesota
Check it out: Get your groceries at the Library. Could this innovative service delivery ever happen in St Paul?  about 11 hours ago

Birchbark Books | Minneapolis, MN
Time to garden! We have a great selection of gardening, landscaping, and urban homesteading books. Come visit us. Get dirty. Have fun.  3:40 PM May 14

Laurie Hertzel | Minneapolis, MN
Don’t forget that Yann Martel is coming to Magers & Quinn this week. And Brady Udall at Micawber’s in St. Paul. And…  9:41 AM May 15

Steve Deger | Minneapolis, MN
eBook revolution sees chain bookstores carrying higher percentage of nonbook items for cultural creatives. #li  about 3 hours ago

U of MN Press | Minneapolis, MN
Farmers markets, Food, Inc., and truths about the history of farming: #FoodInc #food #farming  about 2 hours ago

Garrett Kiely | Chicago, IL
BA signs up with Google for Editions programme |  10:21 AM May 19

New York City
RT @eBookNewser: Elena Kagan senior thesis popular online; should government share SCOTUS nominees’ writing as eBooks?  30 minutes ago

Adventures in E-books

Posted byAlison Aten on 18 Aug 2009 | Tagged as: Literary, MHS press, Technology

Pamela McClanahan, our director here at the Minnesota Historical Society Press, spoke with Star Tribune reporter Steve Alexander about the future of e-books and our foray into the e-book market. The MHS Press currently has 50 titles available as e-books, and we plan to have another 50 out by the end of the year. The e-books are currently available as Kindle editions or on the Sony Reader.

Creating Minnesota by Annette Atkins