A:  (Per Anton Treuer in Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians But Were Afraid to Ask)

I believe Indian gaming will not last forever. It will not end because politicians hate Indians but because they see opportunity.

The economic and political climate in the United States has made it very difficult for both Democrats and Republicans to accomplish their campaign objectives without committing political suicide. Democrats can only raise taxes so high before they get voted out of office; Republicans can only cut education and entitlements so much before they get voted out of office. It is far easier for both parties to compete with Indian gaming at the state level. I believe state governments will increasingly develop and expand gaming enterprises to bridge revenue shortfalls, which will cause Indian gaming to be less profitable due to increased competition. The political backlash in Indian country is far easier for most politicians to deal with than the potential backlash from the general public for doing other things.

Dr. Treuer in MinnPost series on Indian Gaming