José H. Trejo: Becoming Minnesotan

José Trejo. Minnesota Historical Society, Oral History Office files.

José H. Trejo was born in Rosita, Mexico. Trejo and his family moved to Minnesota from Texas for better opportunities when he was a child. He attended Austin Community College majoring in biology and later Mankato State University majoring in Spanish Studies. Trejo has held many jobs, including teacher at Red Wing High School for four years, town supervisor for Eureka Township in Polk County, Wisconsin, director for Buckbee Mears Company, associate director for Metropolitan Interfaith Council on Affordable Housing, director of the St. Croix Falls Chamber of Commerce, and other positions with the Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force, the Cooperative Council on AIDS and HIV Prevention, and the Agricultural Committee of the United States Department of Agriculture. At the time of the interview he was working as director of the Breaking Free organization.

  • Full name - José H. Trejo
  • Age - 68
  • Date of interview - 04.10.2010
  • Gender - Male
  • Generation - First Generation American / Immigrant
nid: 1902