Mandy Kraus
7th Grade Teacher, Wayzata Middle School

Extension Activities: Becoming Minnesotan

Student Activity: Extension Activities


Posted below are some art and culture activities that go beyond the website to help your students better understand each of the five immigrant communities.


Lesson Idea

I have my students do an activity called the Immigration Story Quilt:

Divide students into teams of four. Assign each group to one immigrant group or immigrant story.  Individually, they read about this group or person. Groups then work together to create a flow map which highlights the most important events within an immigrant's life. They select the four most significant events. You (teacher) may require that they use the same four categories used in the Becoming Minnesotan website: Life in the Old Country, the Journey, Becoming American, and We Are Here. Each group member is assigned to one event, and creates a cut- out illustration of that event.  All group members get two colors of construction paper (the same for all group members.)  Event 1 and 3 use one color as a background and the other to cut out an illustration. (i.e. Purple with white cutouts.)  Events 2 and 4 use the other color background with alternating cut outs (i.e. white background with purple.) Groups assemble the immigrant story quilt into a block with 1 & 2 on top and 3 & 4 on the bottom. Groups present their Immigration Story Quilt to the class.  All stories are taped together to create a master quit.  **It is important to pick enough different colors that each story is easy to identify.  **This could be done individually, but it takes a lot of room.

Students love to have these posted around our room!

Printable Activity Guide

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