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The following lesson idea and printable activity guides are easy activities that could be used with the immigrant stories on this website.  The best part is that these graphic organizers don't require a lot of teacher adaptation or modification!


Lesson Idea

Carousel Brainstorming or Walkabout Review   -   For use with Culture Wheel Handout.

Distribute the Culture Wheel Handout (below) to the class. Have each student read stories about one specific immigrant group (Tibetan, Hmong, Somali, Indian, or Khmer) on the Becoming Minnesotan website.  As they read, have them jot down notes on their handout.  Put posters up around your classroom with the eight traits of culture (one on each poster).  Assign students to pairs, with both students having read about the same immigrant group. Give each pair a different color marker.  Instruct students which direction the “Carousel” will move.  Have each pair start at one poster, writing details about their immigrant group related to that cultural trait.  Give them 2-3 minutes, and then ring a bell for groups to move to the next poster.  You may want to vary time limits, with more time for the first round than for the final round.  At each poster they should add to existing information, or if they decide a piece of information is inaccurate - they should circle the information and add what they consider the correct information.  Once all groups have made it all around the carousel, have groups stay at the final poster they worked on.  Ask each pair to review the information, group similar information, and do a brief presentation to class on that trait of culture.  Return to seats.  Debrief: discuss what students learned, fill in important gaps, and address misconceptions.


Printable Activity Guide

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