Tom Hillgren
10th Grade Teacher, Chatfield High School

The Maps: Becoming Minnesotan

Student Activity: Maps


The maps trace the paths taken by two of the immigrants whose stories are highlighted on this website.

  • One map shows the journey of Chamreun Tan, a Khmer refugee, as his family escapes from the fighting and brutality in Cambodia.
  • The other follows the path taken by Sudhansu Misra, an Asian Indian immigrant who moves across the globe to seek educational and job opportunities. 

Both maps and the corresponding stories speak of the resilience of immigrants, and the willingness to take risks in pursuit of a better life.


Lesson Idea

Students should create a T chart in their notebooks. One side of the chart should be labeled with Chamreun Tan's name and the other with Sudhansu Misra's name.

Students should examine each map carefully. This includes reading the information at each stop along the journey.

Ask students to list major characteristics of the journey including locations from which they left, distance length of journey, how they traveled, when immigration occurred, why immigration occurred, etc.

Upon completion of the T charts, ask students to compare the journeys of the two individuals. Speculate on the reasons for the differences.  Read / listen to the oral histories to find evidence to support / refute speculation.

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