Immigrant Oral Histories

Woonspe Ake Noŋpa: Second-syllable Verbs


Opewatuŋ Opewatuŋ, I buy.
Opeyatuŋ Opeyatuŋ, You buy.
Opetuŋ Opetuŋ, S/He/It buys.
Opeuŋtuŋ Opeuŋtuŋ, You and I buy.
Opeuŋtuŋpi Opeuŋtuŋpi, We buy.
Opeyatuŋpi Opeyatuŋpi, You all buy
Opetuŋpi Opetuŋpi, They buy.

New Second-syllable Verbs

Anaġoptaŋ Anaġoptaŋ, S/He/It listens
Caŋtekiya Caŋtekiya, S/He/It loves (someone)
Ehaŋki Ehaŋki, S/He/It returns to her/his/its origins
Iboto Iboto, S/He/It bumps into, collides with
Inaĥni Inaĥni, S/He/It is in a hurry
Iwohdake Iwohdake, S/He/It talks about, gossips
Mas´akipa Mas´akipa, S/He/It telephones (someone)
Wicada Wicada, S/He/It believes (something or someone)
Wo´petuŋ Wo´petuŋ, S/He/It shops
Wo´tehda Wo´tehda, S/He/It is hungry

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