Immigrant Oral Histories

Woonspe Ake Waŋżi: Storytelling

Ohuŋkaŋkaŋ Ohuŋkaŋkaŋ, storytelling
Tioŝpaye Tioŝpaye, extended family
Iŋ´yaŋ Iŋ´yaŋ, male spirit, creative spirit
Haŋhe´pi Haŋhe´pi, female spirit, nothing, darkness
Maka Maka, female spirit, mother of all living things
Maĥpi´yato Maĥpi´yato, male spirit, sky and source of wisdom
Wi Wi, male spirit, sun
Aŋpawi Aŋpawi, abbreviated to Wi
Aŋpetuwi Aŋpetuwi, abbreviated to Wi
Haŋwi Haŋwi, moon
Tate´ Tate´, male spirit, the wind
Uŋktomi Uŋktomi, male spirit, trickster
Woope Woope, female spirit, Beautiful One
Ishnaicaġe Ishnaicaġe, spiritual essence
Aŋpetu Aŋpetu, day
Pte Pte, servants of the spirits
Wazi Wazi, chief of Pte People
Wakaŋka Wakaŋka, Wazi’s wife
Ite Ite, daughter of Wazi and Wakaŋka
Anoġ-Ite Anoġ-Ite, two faces
Tatuyetopa Tatuyetopa, Tate’s four sons
Woope Woope, a woman
Okaġa Okaġa, one of Tate’s sons
Tokahe Tokahe, The First One

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