Immigrant Oral Histories

Woonspe Ake Topa: Miscellanea

Mawaŝte Mawaŝte, I (am) good.
Niwaŝte Niwaŝte, You (are).
Waŝte Waŝte, S/He/It (is) good.
Uŋwaŝte Uŋwaŝte, You and I (are) good.
Uŋwaŝtepi Uŋwaŝtepi, We (are) good.
Niwaŝtepi Niwaŝtepi, You all (are) good.
Waŝtepi Waŝtepi, They (are) good.

The adjectives will be said in the "I" form.

Mateca Mateca, I am young.
Omahitika Omahitika, I am tough.
Caŋmaze Caŋmaze, I am angry.
Mahaŋska Mahaŋska, I am tall.
Maptecedaŋ Maptecedaŋ, I am short.
Macepa Macepa, I am fat.
Matamaheca Matamaheca, I am skinny.
Mawahpanica Mawahpanica, I am poor.
Uŋmaŝika Uŋmaŝika, I am pitiful.
Wimazica Wimazica, I am wealthy.
Maŝica Maŝica, I am bad.
Mawaŝte Mawaŝte, I am good.
Maŝapeŝni Maŝapeŝni, I am clean.
Maŝape Maŝape, I am dirty.
Cantemawaŝte Cantemawaŝte, I am happy.
Cantemaŝica Cantemaŝica, I am sad.
Wimapi Wimapi, I am full of food.
Mataŋyan Mataŋyan, I am well.
Wamapi Wamapi, I am lucky.
Mawaŝteda Mawaŝteda, I am cute.

Additional Vocabulary

Miye Miye, I
Niye Niye, you
Iye Iye, s/he
Uŋkiye Uŋkiye, you and I
Uŋkiyepi Uŋkiyepi, we
Niyepi Niyepi, you all
Iyepi Iyepi, they
Mitawa Mitawa, mine
Nitawa Nitawa, yours
Uŋkitawa Uŋkitawa, ours
Hena Hena, those
Dena Dena, these
De De, this
Ded Ded, here
Tuwe Tuwe, who
Ta´ku Ta´ku, what
Tohaŋ Tohaŋ, when
To´kiya To´kiya, where
To´keca To´keca, why
Tukte Tukte, which


Bduhe Bduhe, I have
Duhe Duhe, You have
Yuhe Yuhe, S/he/it has
Uŋyuhe Uŋyuhe, You and I have
Uŋyuhapi Uŋyuhapi, We have
Duhapi Duhapi, You all have
Yuhapi Yuhapi, They have

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