Thomas D. Christie
William G. Christie
Alexander S. Christie

Ft. Snelling, Minnesota
Corinth, Mississippi
Vicksburg, Mississippi
Atlanta, Georgia

July – December, 1861
July – December, 1862
January – June, 1863
July – December, 1863
January – June, 1864
July – December, 1864
January – June, 1865
photo of the Christie family (Location no. por 12562 p1, Negative no. 84757) CIVIL WAR LETTERS

In 1861, two brothers, having just purchased a farm in Southern Minnesota, enlisted in the First Minnesota Battery of Light Artillery. Although neither expected a long tour of duty, William and Thomas Christie served in the First Minnesota Battery through June 1865. Their younger brother, Alexander, enlisted in an infantry regiment in fall 1864.

All three brothers were excellent writers, and each wrote extensively while in the Army. Their letters, full of revealing observations on war, society, and contemporary politics, are contained within the James C. Christie and family papers at the Minnesota Historical Society.

Digital images of some of the most interesting letters from the collection are provided here. To browse a list of letters from an author, location or month, please click on any of the links. Typed transcripts have been created to make the letters easier to read.

Background photo: President Abraham Lincoln and General George McClellan on the battlefield at Antietam, 1862.
(Location No. E425.12 p10, Negative No. 22858)