Civil War Letters of the Christie Family

Author: Alexander S. Christie
Date: March 12, 1865
Location: New York City
Addressee: James C. Christie
Description: Alexander, after a hard trip that included getting his wallet stolen in Chicago, writes to express frustration over not knowing where he is going.

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City of New York
March 12th 1865

My Dear Father:

Arrived here this afternoon at about 5 P.M. and are now in a "Bull-pen" very similar to that we left at Fort Snelling, awaiting orders. I should have written to you while in Chicago, but I could not muster courage sufficient to tell you what is inevitable. My packets were turned outside-in during the night of the "Soldiers Rest" and my pocket-book containing over $65.00 in Greenbacks, a dollar's worth of Post-Stamps & two [ ? ] taken by some infernal thief that disgraces the uniform he wears. You may imagine how I felt when I missed it—not on my own account, but because I knew it would make you feel bad and think that it was my want of sense that caused it. In part it was but it was want of experience. During the two nights preceding I had had hardly a minutes sleep, so you may guess how soundly I slept and how easily an expert thief—as this one has since proved himself to be—could take anything from me without my knowing it. A search failed to find any trace of it as the thief had doubtless destroyed everything but the unrecognizable greenbacks. He has stolen over a hundred dollars worth since yet remained undiscoverable.

I was paid the one-third of my Bounty before leaving the fort, and intended to fwd. it home myself, but I did not get the chance, not that of expressing it either. I would have sent it home the next day had it not been stolen. Now Father, it is a bad business and I know it will vex you, but consider that it is not as bad as it might be, and is now irretrievable.

It is getting dark so I will give the particulars some other time.

We start for "Hart Island" down in the sound a few miles tomorrow morning and will stay there untill a boat takes us to Wilmington.

I have borrowed a few dollars. Write to me, addressing to no place in particular but send no money untill I can give you the full address.

A.S. Christie

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