Civil War Letters of the Christie Family

Author: William G. Christie
Date: October 2, 1863
Location: Vicksburg, Mississippi
Addressee: Alexander S. Christie
Description: More discussion on the politics of the Civil War; also a discussion of Negro regiments.

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Vicksburgh Miss: October 2nd 1863

Dear Brother I Receieved yours: of 20th of the past month the ninth day from date. I of course should have answered it Before this, But I never having much to say even [when?] at High tide or full flood: could not Be expected to do anything when at Low water Brought on By excess of drought. But seeing old Mother Earth is smilling once more after having her face washed, and that the sky looks Bright likewise: and I feel after yesterdays Review that I might Possably, write a few lines that you might think Readable, Being Partial to said writer of these lines. Yesterday morning after a Blustering Northwester which had [squezed] out all the mosture out of the rain clouds that had come in on us from the East, finnaly rolled them up like a scrol and last night everything looked outside of the camps: as though we had a new Heaven and a new Earth. the sky was so Blue, the stars so Bright, and the air so Bracing if cold: at eight o'clock in the morning we went out on Review, not only the Batteries But all of the Division that was here. The Iowa Brigade three Rigments (the fourth on Being up in the city doing Provo duty:) did not come.) four companies of the first Kansas infantry, mounted. The Batteries three, making in all about 2000: men, the sixteenth Wis: Vol: has gone out to do guard duty on the Road Between this Point and Black River, where some guerillas had the audacity to capture some trains, going out to our extreme front on Black River, and the second Brigade entire is in or about Natchez, Besides some of the first Birgade, so you see that the first Division is Pretty well scattered

There are twelve Rigments of Black troops here in the way of Being filled up. some are already full up to the maximum and have Been in service quite a while. the old rigments are about one thousand strong, the new ones are to Be two thousand strong. I hear they are going to Receive there first pay today ten dollars Per month, some of them will get five months. how Proud they must feel.

Well what do you think of C. [D ?]. and is he still with you to such times as Tom leaves. I am happy to hear that Father's crop has Paid him so well for your labor, and that he still continues to take the Best yeild off of the same amount of ground. taking the Beef intoo account you have not Paid over much for the ox that you Bought, of Connor, and now since you have got the Horses, or is going to get them, you will Be able to make thing[s] hum on the old farm, But it is too Bad that Father has to Pay a Premium to get anything like his rights, even from his won Brother, But even if these things are so and I Believe they are, Father seems to get along Better than those that grip him so hard. so never mind his eighty acres of land, horses and Reeper with what he has got Before will thrive with him. so he will get along full as well as [Ramsey ?] Rogue No. one or Rogue No.'s two. so mote it Be. But I am not so sure But Uncle William may Back out of the offer as it stood when you wrote to me, it would only be in accordance with his Past Plans and Proceedings so if he thinks he is not making enough he will squeeze Father a little more, Provided he thinks or finds he cant come it on Ramsey.

We have Received no Papers from the North of a very late date, But the Rummor is Prevalent in camp that Rosecranz and Burnside has whipt Brags forces, at or near Pigeon Mt. in Georgia: close By Chatanooga: if this Report Proves true I think the war is nearly over, and we likely Be on our way home By next summer, afternoon I have waited for a Letter But waitting has Been in vain. no letters and only one Paper the Chicago Weekly Tribune of the twentysecond in which we learn about Rosecranz falling Back to his stronghold, Chattanooga. I see the very wise People up North has come to the conclusion about the Army of Virginia, that the stupid soldiers down here has had for the Past year, that is that it seems to make it its Business to lye still untill our western armies has time to fight and even if loosing ground whip the Army of Jeff Davis and Co: that should have Been knocked out of exsistense by them long ago: well I need not say any more about this, But I am serious. cant the People & government see these things and try to hinder them from happing again. Oct. 3rd This morning and last night there is a Rummor in camp that a colored Rigment has Been taken By surprise at a Point on the River opposite Natchez, and Badly cut up by a Body of Rebel Cavalry, mind it is only a Rummor. The limbers has Been taken out Behind the horses to the flat By the River, so that the men and horses may drill. We expect a set of new guns carriages, and fixens complete, in a few days. the Rodman Gun, is the kind made of wrought Iorn and Borred out, they are very long range guns and effective. The pieces we have now are Bronze, called the James Rifle, the Howitzers are Bronze also But no Particular make from other field Pieces of the same Calibre, twelve Pdrs: all the Batteries are on drill or will be. I am on detail to go with the quarter master after clothing and ordinance stores: light truck for a sadler and Black smith. Health is Returning, or rather we are returning to Health:

give my Love to all and Belive me your

affectionate Brother

William G. Christie

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