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The Joyce AUfderheide Quilts

photo of volunteers working on a quiltMs. Joyce Aufderheide culled this collection of quilts with a Minnesota provenance. All of these quilts date between the mid 19th to mid-20th century and will be exhibited as a group for the first time in the James J. Hill House Exhibition room in June 2003. These include the quilt that hung in Vice President Walter Mondale's office.

Each quilt was prepared for exhibition with a velcro hanging system that allows it to hang freely from a wall. A 2" strip loop pile Velcro is machine sewn to a length of cotton webbing.detail photo of a quilt This prepared webbing is then positioned along the top of the quilt and secured in place with hand stitching. Stitches are placed within the quilting lines minimizing any visual disruption. A slat of sealed poplar wood is finished with a strip of prickly Velcro secured with rust resistant staples. The slat is then hung on the wall and the Velcro holds the quilt in place. This method allows us to leave the hanging system in place during storage so that it may be used another time.

Each quilt took approximately 4-6 hrs of work by volunteers Jeanette Root, Dorothy Stish, and Donna Pauli.