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Bandolier Bag Storage

photo of a bandolier bag in storageThe Minnesota Historical Society has a collection of American Indian bandolier bags. This highly specialized group of bags was stored flat in drawers. Due to exhibition schedules and requests by scholars for studies, these bags are handled frequently. Because of their singular purpose, complex construction techniques, and sometimes fragile condition, a solid support storage mount for each bag was deemed necessary to minimize manipulation and abrasion. These mounts also prevent the bags from shifting within the drawers.

photo of bandolier bag storage drawerBecause the bags are unique in shape and size, an individual padded solid support mount of inert materials needed to be made for each one. Each of these bags now rests in a recessed padded tray allowing their movement from storage and study to occur without handling or flexing. Dee Rasmussen, who is affiliated with the White Earth Ojibwe and Mesquakie tribes, and Kathy Johnson, with help from Donna Pauley, volunteered to create these specialized mounts.