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Equipment Loans

photo of the Environmental Test KitEnvironmental monitoring and control is a crucial part of preventive conservation. The Minnesota Historical Society has monitoring equipment available for loan to historical societies, museums, libraries and archives in Minnesota.

A data logger is used to monitor temperature and relative humidity over time. The data logger is placed in one or two locations over a period of four weeks. At the end of that period, the data logger is returned to MNHS where the data is downloaded and analyzed by a staff conservator. A copy of the data together with the analysis is then returned to the institution.

A light meter is used to take spot measurements of visible and ultraviolet light. Measurements must be manually recorded. The light meter can be used to measure intensity of light in different locations and can be used for a period of two weeks. A staff conservator can help you interpret the results.

The only cost to the borrowing institution is return postage and insurance.

Megan Narvey, Outreach Conservator

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