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Moccasin Storage

photo of moccasin storageMany types of American Indian moccasins were stored within inert drawers. These items sometimes slid to the back of the drawers, lilted to one side, or distorted in shape due to inadequate stuffing within. A shoe housing mount system was implemented to avoid these problems and meet each artifact's individual needs.

Each moccasin was supported with a sock fabricated of orthopedic cotton knit tubular fabric. The socks were filled with thermo-bonded polyester batting supporting the moccasin overall. A shoe support tray, designed by the Fashion Institute of Technology, was recreated in Minnesota by Modernistic. These trays fold into shape and hold the moccasins in place within the drawers and during transportation within the museum.

Three volunteers implemented this project, primarily Donna Pauley with help from Sandra Sarjono and Jamie Ballard.

photo of a pair of moccasins and shoe support tray