Sampler Storage

photo of a samplerSamplers have been stored in several inert drawers interleaved with acid free tissue. Every time someone sought a sampler for examination, exhibition or study they flipped through the layers looking for the right one. This method of storage led to excess handling and manipulations, causing friable fibers to break, fracture or abrade.

To address this issue, the textile lab designed a simple storage mount by covering a backing board with muslin fabric and hinging it to a window mat, creating a solid support mount. The sampler is placed on the fabric-covered board and held in place via friction. The window mat allows researchers to examine the sampler and allows other mounts to stack on top of it without compressing the textile. All boards and adhesives used are of inert and archival materials.

photo of a samplerVolunteer Carol Ogren implemented this project. Carol measured each sampler and divided all the samplers into three basic size groups so samplers can stack on top of each other while fitting in the drawers. She measured and cut the backing boards and window mounts, covered the boards with fabric and hinged them with Beva 371 thermoplastic adhesive. Carols skills and time are a great benefit to the preservation of the sampler collection.