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Japanese Satsuma Vase

photo of the satsuma vase, before treatment
Before Treatment

photo of the satsuma vase, after treatment
After Treatment

This vase is part of the Ramsey House collection, which includes many Asian ceramics. Apparently, many of these items were bought in a New York department store or by one of the Ramsey descendants while in San Francisco. According to stamps found on the vase, it was made by Kozan Kinkoza and painted by Konunsuku Kawaguchi. This vase had been broken in 1983 when it fell off a shelf. It had been stored for many years until a conservator could repair it. The broken fragments were reassembled using Acryloid B-72 resin dissolved in acetone. There were minor areas of loss, which were filled with plaster, consolidated with Acryloid B-72 resin dissolved in acetone, and inpainted with Winsor and Newton watercolors. A final coating of Acryloid B-67 resin dissolved in xylenes was applied to protect the paint, saturate the colors, and imitate the appearance of the glaze.