Wind Generator

photo of Wincharger tailThis object was conserved for the Weather Permitting exhibit that opened at the History Center in late 2001. It is a 1930's wind-powered generator called a "Wincharger '6' Deluxe" model made in Sioux City, Iowa. The object had been completely painted black, probably due to the fact that the red paint had been weathered and become lost in large areas. The black enamel-type paint had obscured the yellow stenciling on the tail fin.

photo of Wincharger motorThe treatment involved testing the black paint with various chemicals to find a system that would remove the more recent over-paint without dissolving the underlying original red and yellow paint layers. A solvent system was found, and as the photos show, the treatment was highly successful in revealing the original paint scheme. The stenciling was in-painted with reversible water-based paint to allow the painting to be read better by visitors. The original painted surfaces were coated with a clear acrylic resin, and the wooden blades were cleaned and coated with a special natural hard wax formulation.