Letter from Ella Warn (Clodford, Canada) to Ole Berg

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Letter from Ella Warn (Clodford, Canada) to Ole Berg

Ella Warn wrote to her brother, Ole Berg, on May 29, 1918. She addressed the letter to Camp Upton, New York, but that address was crossed out on the envelope and changed to "305 Field Artillery, AmEx Forces." The 305th Field Artillery of the American Expeditionary Forces trained in New York and sailed for France in late April 1918. The 305th trained with other units at Camp de Souge, about 25 miles from the ocean on France's western shore. In the fall of 1918, the 305th participated in fighting at Vesle and the Argonne Forest.

Ella talks about sending and receiving letters from family. She discusses the harsh weather where she lives, in central Alberta, Canada, but also the long daylight hours and beautiful Northern Lights. Ella also makes comparisons between the women back in Rice County, Minnesota and the women in her Canadian home: "And most of the women I've met wether English, Finish or Jews, they do not seem to count life from one new dress to the next."

Letter courtesy Trondhjem Community Preservation Society and Minnesota Reflections.

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