Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morgan

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Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morgan

The back of this photograph, taken in 1923, indicates that Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morgan were formerly enslaved. Sometimes individual sources don't give much information about the people or events depicted.

Further research shows that in 1923, Charles and Anna Morgan were in their 80s, living in St. Paul. They were both born in Missouri in the 1840s, and had been married since 1890. Anna was married before and had a son, Louis Jackson, who was born in New York during the Civil War. Her husband died sometime before 1880. Charles was also married before, to a woman named Lizzie, who died sometime in the 1880s. The Morgans lived in St. Paul almost the whole time they lived in Minnesota, and the records show that Louis, his daughter Louisa, and Louisa's family, all lived with the Morgans at various times. 

Because Charles and Anna were born in 1840s Missouri, a slave state, it is likely that they were enslaved when they were born.

St. Paul, Minnesota
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