Wiarus, October 25, 1917

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Wiarus, October 25, 1917

This is page eight of an October 25, 1917 issue of the Polish-language newspaper Wiarus, based in Winona, Minnesota. The entire newspaper is in Polish, with the exception of the large English-language ad on this page and another on page three. Loyalty and participation were important issues during World War I, and people who were viewed as not doing their fair share were often called "slackers." Some newspapers printed lists of people in the community who were identified as slackers, as a way to shame them into helping with the war effort. 

This ad encourages people to buy Liberty Bonds so they won't be called slackers. Other propaganda targeted men who didn't sign up for the draft, or women who did not serve in homefront efforts. 

You can view all 12 pages of the October 25, 1917 Wiarus on the Library of Congress Chronicling America website. The tagline below the word Wiarus translates to: Weekly Magazine for the People.

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