What Did the Carpenters Do in the Winter?

Posed photograph of a main street in Rochester with dirt road, 1870.

Street scene, Rochester, 1870.

Minnesota Historical Society Photograph Collection, MO5.9 RC2 r7

Marshall, Oct. 26
We are very anxious to get back to Rochester as soon as possible on account of the weather. We fear we may be snowbound if we stay much longer and it is impossible for us to spend the winter here.

Rochester, Nov. 22
George is at work now, hauling wood for Mr. Eddy, who has fifteen hundred cords of wood ready for hauling.

Rochester, Feb. 10
We hoped when we came here to lay aside half of George's earnings to go back with, for a house, etc. but we have barely laid in the cheapest hay because he could not run his team all the time.

Letters of Mary Carpenter
Minnesota Historical Society Library Collection, P1487