The Northland Pine Company Sawmill

Photo of employees outside of the Backus-Brooks sawmill (which became the Northland Pine Co.), 1900.

Backus-Brooks Mill [later Northland Pine Company] at Lowry Avenue North on the Mississippi River, Minneapolis, 1900.

Minnesota Historical Society Photograph Collection, Location no. HD5.5B m1 Negative no. 21487

"The Northland Pine Company ... was in 1905 one of the best equipped on the Mississippi River, with sawmills, planing mills, booms, docks, warehouses, stables, and thirty acres of land in Minneapolis. Five hundred men found employment there, and the working people of North Minneapolis were pleased with this transaction which gave promise of employment over a long period of time."

Agnes M. Larson, History of the White Pine Industry in Minnesota (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1949).