Abigail Elliot Langford Marshall

First Lady
January 8, 1866 - January 9, 1870

Born: May 3, 1826
in Utica, New York

Died: December 23, 1893
in St. Paul, Minnesota

Married March 22, 1854 to William Marshall

Abigail Elliot Langford was born in Oneida County, New York in 1826, the daughter of George Langford II and Chloe Sweeting Langford. She was the sister of Nathaniel Pitt Langford, an interesting character in Minnesota and Montana history. In 1854 several members of the Langford family moved to St. Paul. Abby married St. Paul resident and Missouri native William Rainey Marshall in Columbia, Missouri that same year.

The Marshalls had one son, George Lanford Marshall, born in 1863. He died in 1892 at age 29, leaving a daughter, Alice. Abby Marshall died in St. Paul in 1893. William Marshall moved to Pasadena, California the next year due to poor health; he died there in 1896.

Nathaniel Pitt Langford and family papers, 1707-1942