Food for Two Weeks

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You've done a good job here.

All this food starts to add up, doesn't it?

It doesn't pay to skimp on food.

Lumberjacks will endure cold weather and cramped bunkhouses, but if they don't like my cooking they're gonna call me a "belly robber," and they'll go look for work at the next camp.

Now it's time f or your next lesson — planning our supply order.

As you can see, we don't have enough room in camp to store all of the food that we're going to need for the entire season.

A tote sleigh will deliver our supplies every two weeks from the company warehouse back in town, so it's up to us to order just what we need and not to waste any food.

You figured out what we needed for breakfast.

Now I've made some notes as to what I need to cook for dinner and supper.

I want you to use this information to figure out how much food we're going to need every day.

Once you know that, you can project the supplies you need for a full two weeks and an increase of ten men.

Now I told you that good food was important, but that doesn't mean we're gonna be feeding the men steaks and caviar.

This ain't no big city hotel.

When you put that order together, you need to pay close attention to our costs.

The boss wants me to feed these men for less than 23 cents a day.

Before we send in the order I want you to let me know if we are staying on budget.

So here is a sheet that tells you the costs of our supplies.

Now, off you go.

I gotta get dinner started.