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Norman Dann

4 hours, June 26 and July 23, 1998, Shorewood, Minnesota and the Bakken Library and Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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David Rhees

Subjects Discussed: Biography; schooling; family; education; his father’s medical device and apparatus business; Norman Dann’s experiences building, repairing and servicing medical equipment; the Dann Company; philosophy of customer service; sales representatives versus direct sales; ideas on improving sales; Medtronic; changes under FDA regulation; Xytron pacemaker; batteries; ramifications of technology leaps; benefits of technology control; impressions of Bill Chardack and others; consulting experiences; operations management; evaluating medical device firms for venture capital firms; experiences starting and successes and failures of three venture capital funds; Local, regional and national competition in the medical device industry; experiences as a board member for various companies; involvement with non-profits; the regulation process; ideas on revising University and industry relations; thoughts on present state and future of the medical device industry and on Medical Alley.

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Biographical Information

Norman Dann was born in Ohio. He graduated from college in Pennsylvania. He has headed his own medical device design and servicing companies, one of which was acquired by Medtronic. He worked for Medtronic after the acquisition. He has done consulting and administered venture capital funds. He is now working with several non-profit organizations.

Norman Dann