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Thomas E. Holloran

1 hour (Conversazione) and 1 hour, 40 minutes, December 17, 1996 (Conversazione) July 16, 1998 (audio interview), Bakken Library and Museum and the University of St. Thomas, Both in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Interviewer: David Rhees

Interview Excerpt:
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Subjects Discussed: (Conversazione) One in a series of informal talks on the medical device industry sponsored by the Bakken Library and Museum.

(Audio interview) Early life; Medtronic—experiences as Medtronic’s legal representative, board member, and executive; company changes; strategy, building a distributor network; increasing manufacturing capability; growth; expansion; facilities expansion; attracting venture capital; capital sources, bank line of credit; infancy of the medical device industry; selling products and establishing distributorships in Europe; contracting distributors; development of line of coronary care units; mission statement; building sales network; acquiring distributorships; Food and Drug Administration and regulation of the medical device industry; transition from law background to managing a technical business; vertical integration; adding sales force; spinoffs from Medtronic; research and development; Governor’s Commission for Health Care Promotion; why the medical device industry developed as it did in Minnesota; impressions of Earl Bakken, Palmer Hermundslie, Charlie Cuddihy, Les Kotval, and other leaders of the company.

Sound Recordings:
Audio interview
User copy: 2 60-minute cassettes
Original: 2 60-minute cassettes
Audio Dub: 1 90-minute cassette
(Audio from Video interview)
(Video available at The Bakken Library and Museum)

Restrictions on Use: None

Transcript: 19 pages (Conversazione) and 28 pages (audio interview)

Accession Number: AV 2001.104.9


Biographical Information

Thomas E. Holloran was born and educated in Minnesota. He served as Medtronic’s legal representative, a board member, and as a company executive. He worked for a major investment firm and now teaches at a Minnesota university.

Thomas E. Holloran