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Demetre M. Nicoloff

1 1/2 hours (audio interview)
1 hour (video interview), November 27, 2000 and May 16, 2001, (Video) Minneapolis, Minneapolis
Interviewer: Kirk Jeffrey

Interview Excerpt:
Audio MP3 File | Excerpt Transcript

Both interviews cover the same material. A video log is available in the Oral History Office.

Subjects Discussed: Education, development of his career, and principal areas of research: gastro-intestinal, thoracic, cardiac. His experiences working with Dr. Owen Wangensteen as intern, resident, and researcher. Owen Wangensteen’s mentoring, influence and illness. Relationship with Castaneda; surgical research at the VA hospital; returning to University of Minnesota to do cardiac work; leaving the university for private practice; forming the Heart Institute; designing St. Jude heart valve with Chris Possis. His views on and the history of St. Jude Medical and the St. Jude heart valve. Experiences with clinical trials, minimally invasive surgery, advances in heart surgery and cardiac devices.

Sound Recordings:
Audio interview
User copy: 2 60-minute cassettes
Original: 2 60-minute cassettes
Video interview
Audio Dub: 1 60-minute cassette
(Audio from Video interview)

Video Recordings:
User copy: 1 60 minute VHS copy
User copy 2: 1 60 minute VHS copy with time code window burn
Master: 2 30-minute Betas

Restrictions on Use: None

Transcript: Audio: 25 pages, Video: 12 pages

Accession Number: AV 2001.104.12


Biographical Information

Demetre M. Nicoloff grew up in Ohio. He received his medical degree from an Ohio university. He continued his training in Minnesota, worked as a researcher Dr. Owen Wangensteen, and received two advanced degrees. He was involved in the development of the first bi-leaflet all carbon heart valve, the St. Jude valve.

Demetre M. Nicoloff