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St. Jude

Founded in 1976 in St. Paul, initially to sell heart valves. Currently, St. Jude Medical develops and distributes a wide array of cardiac-related devices. Learn more about the history of this company by visiting the St. Jude Medical website.

C. Walton LilleheiC. Walton Lillehei
Performed the first successful open-heart surgery. Served as a researcher and professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School and was the Medical Director of St. Jude Medical’s Heart Valve Division.
Ronald A. MatricariaRonald A. Matricaria
Served as an executive and board member at Eli Lilly, Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc. and St. Jude Medical.
Demetre M. NicoloffDemetre M. Nicoloff
Researcher who was involved in the development of the first bi-leaflet all carbon heart valve, now known as the St. Jude valve.
Manuel VillafañaManuel Villafaña
A former sales manager for Medtronic, Villafaña went on to start several medical device companies.
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Video Interview
Dr. C. Walton Lillehei describes his first meeting with Medtronic founder Earl Bakken.