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University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota School of Medicine first opened its doors in 1888. Since that time, the medical school has grown to become a leader in medical research. It is this continued leadership that has helped to promote and sustain the growth of the medical industry throughout the state.

Perry L. Blackshear, Jr.Perry L. Blackshear, Jr.
Professor Emeritus at a Minnesota university. As a mechanical engineer, he researched medical applications in field of fluid mechanics.
Richard DeWallRichard DeWall
Developed the bubble oxygenator, a temperature controlled oxygenator, and a capillary type oxygenator. Also helped to found a medical school and heart surgery program at an Ohio university.
C. Walton LilleheiC. Walton Lillehei
Performed the first successful open-heart surgery. Served as a researcher and professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School and was the Medical Director of St. Jude Medical’s Heart Valve Division.
Gerald TimmGerald Timm
Developed many medical devices for urological disorders and has started several companies. Has worked as a researcher and professor at a Minnesota university.
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Video Interview
Dr. C. Walton Lillehei describes his first meeting with Medtronic founder Earl Bakken.