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Organizations Represented

AGA Medical
Located in Golden Valley, Minnesota, AGA Medical develops cardiovascular devices for the medical industry. The company was founded in 1995.
American Medical Systems
Founded in 1972, American Medical Systems remains to this day one of the leading urology companies. Pfizer acquired AMS in 1985. In 1998 a group led by E.M. Warburg, Pincus & Co. acquired the company from Pfizer.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.
Founded in 1972, Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc. quickly established itself as a leader in the development of cardiovascular technology. In 1975 Eli Lilly & Company acquired Cardiac Pacemakers. Today it is a subsidiary of the Guidant Corporation.
Dann Company
Founded in 1960 by Norman Dann, this company repaired and serviced various medical devices. Medtronic acquired the Dann Company in 1971.
Mayo Clinic
Established in the latter part of the nineteenth century in the town Rochester, Minnesota, by Dr. William W. Mayo and his two sons, William and Charles. In 1919 the clinic was established as a not-for-profit foundation. The Mayo Clinic remains, to this day, a leader in the advancement of knowledge within the field of health care. Learn more about the history of the Mayo Clinic by visiting their website.
Medical Alley
This non-profit trade association was founded in 1984 to promote the growth of Minnesota’s health care industry. Learn more about the history of this association by visiting the Medical Alley website.
Minnesota Emerging Medical Organizations
Trade association founded in the 1980s to help establish and strengthen the health care industry throughout the state.
Founded in 1949 by Earl E. Bakken and Palmer J. Hermundslie. Today it is one of the leading producers of medical device technology. Learn more about the history of this company by visiting the Medtronic website.
St. Jude Medical
Founded in 1976 in St. Paul, initially to sell heart valves. Currently, St. Jude Medical develops and distributes a wide array of cardiac-related devices. Learn more about the history of this company by visiting the St. Jude Medical website.
University of Minnesota
The University of Minnesota School of Medicine first opened its doors in 1888. Since that time, the medical school has grown to become a leader in medical research. It is this continued leadership that has helped to promote and sustain the growth of the medical industry throughout the state.
Waters Instruments
Founded in Minneapolis in 1960, Waters Instruments primarily manufactures oximeters and organ preservation systems.
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Video Interview
Dr. C. Walton Lillehei describes his first meeting with Medtronic founder Earl Bakken.