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Sandra Hollenhorst:
Transcript of Interview Excerpt

Sandra Hollenhorst, interviewed by Kirk Jeffrey, on April 28, 2000 in Bloomington, Minnesota.

“My advice to some of these little companies these days is that I think the venture community in Minnesota is still strong. Typically, if an investor has made money in the medical device industry, he will continue to look for good ideas in the medical device industry to invest in. But I think that there is now more competition coming from other parts of the country, coming from California and the Boston area. I think that not only is there more product competition, but there are also other venture firms that are springing up and are very strong in those areas. What I encourage small companies to do is to not only look within Minnesota for venture funding, but to really aggressively pursue venture funding on the coasts as well, because there is funding available, and if you are not in front of those people, they won’t know about you. They won’t know about your product. So to only try to tap the local venture community today I don’t think is enough, because there certainly are dollars out there funding lots of medical device companies.”


Biographical Information

Sandra Hollenhorst is an equity researcher in the investment industry.

Sandra Hollenhorst