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Patricia Neuman:
Transcript of Interview Excerpt

Patricia Neuman, interviewed by David Rhees, January 14, 1998 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

“It was under the umbrella of “Minnesota, Great State of Health.” It was the umbrella for everything. And this group decided—well, you know what we should do? We all export from around the country. Why don’t you go call on the big providers, the big employers around the country, and let’s, as a group, come together under this “Minnesota, Great State of Health,” and go out and try to attract business as a group from these big companies around the country. And that was the gem of the idea.

So, we tried it out. I made calls. We started in a smaller market, Memphis, and I made several trips out there. I can’t remember the names of the types of companies out there, but I made calls on—certainly two realized that there is chemical dependency treatment being done in this part of the country. But we felt and believed that we did it better than they did and let’s go after that market. So I called on the companies in Memphis, and I can’t remember which types of companies were there, and what our plan was, not to hit them over the head that much, but just go out and do some education. So our idea was, we went out and we put on a seminar. I made all the initial calls on all the buyers of chemical dependency services. Then we invited them to a symposium. Then after the symposium, they would have one-on-one meetings with Minnesota’s providers of care and try to book some business. That was it.”


Biographical Information

Patricia Neuman graduated from college in Pennsylvania. She has worked primarily in public relations and marketing for the Children’s Home Society, St. Mary’s Hospital, Health Resources, the Minnesota State Department of Health and the Minnesota State Department of Trade and Economic Development. She developed the “Minnesota, Great State of Health” campaign.

Patricia Neuman