Annual Minnesota Civil War Symposium: Reflections on Emancipation and Minnesota with William Green

Annual Minnesota Civil War Symposium
East, West and Frontier: Turning Points of 1863
April 13, 2013

Two years of bloody war had not yet resolved America's future. Half of Minnesota was still largely depopulated following the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862, while nearly 3,500 Minnesota soldiers marched west into Dakota Territory. At Gettysburg the First Minnesota's sacrifice became legend while other Minnesotians opened the Mississippi River by helping to capture Vicksburg. This symposium brings speakers from around the region to discuss this pivotal year in American history.

Sponsored by the Rochester, St Croix Valley, Cannon Valley, Central Minnesota, Hiawatha Valley, Minnesota Valley and Twin Cities Civil War Roundtables.

In partnership with the Minnesota Historical Society and the Minnesota Civil War Commemoration Task Force.