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Margarette Ball Dickson

Margarette Ball Dickson

From "Silver Anniversary (Of Seegar's "Rendezvous") (Finnish Campaign)" in Book of Father Verse (1942) by Margarette Ball Dickson

A rendezvous with death was made
By one who knew His accolade.
Now death makes rendezvous with spring
Where whirring silver bullets sting;
Upon her fields with eirie tread
We lay the windrows of the dead.
A dance of death across the plain
Where poppies match the crimson rain:
Gavotte or measured polonaise
Along the billowed waterways
Or polkaed frenzy doomed to grow
In regions of eternal snow.

Biographical Notes

Birth: June 4, 1884, Little Rock, Iowa
Death: July 21, 1963, Staples, Minnesota

Author and educator Margarette Ball Dickson Haining Jensen earned a B.A. from Iowa State Teachers College (currently the University of Northern Iowa) in 1925, a M.A. from the University of South Dakota in 1927, and pursued graduate studies at the University of Iowa from 1926-28 and the University of Chicago from 1929-30. She worked as a rural school teacher among Indians in Sisseton, South Dakota; a creative writing instructor at the California State Teachers College, Chico (currently California State University, Chico) in 1927; and an English Professor for Valparaiso University from 1927-31. Dickson established the Dickson-Haining School of Creative Writing in Staples, Minnesota in 1931. She cofounded the League of Minnesota Poets in 1934 and the St. Paul Poet’s Seminar in 1935. Dickson was a poetry editor for the Minnesota Journal of Education in 1937, president of the League of Minnesota Poets from 1935-38, regional director for the Midwest Federation of Chaparral Poets from 1939-51, international director from 1951, and she organized East Coast, Canadian, and European Chaparral Poets Groups. She was a state president of the South Dakota Music Clubs, a poetry editor of The Farmer, Sunshine Magazine, and other publications. She was a vice-president of the National Federation Poetry Club. In 1934, she was named Minnesota Poet Laureate by the national Poet Laureate League. Dickson was awarded the American Legion prize in 1921 and the Rockefeller Center Gold Medal in 1938. She was a member of the editorial boards of various magazines, a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and a member of the Order of the Eastern Star.

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