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The Falls

Title: Father Hennepin at the Falls of St. Anthony
Type: Art
Date: ca. 1905
Source: Douglas Volk

Description: American artist Douglas Volk painted this interpretation of Father Hennepin naming the Falls. The painting now hangs in the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul.

Father Hennepin at the Falls of St. Anthony


  1. Father Hennepin had been captured by the Dakota Indians shortly before locating the Falls. What about the Indians in this picture would suggest to you that the artist had not taken that fact into account?

  2. This painting was done in the 1800s almost 200 years after Hennepin discovered the Falls. What does this suggest about the accuracy of the painting itself?

  3. Sometimes artists will paint pictures that are not completely realistic. What about this picture do you think might be more imagined than real?

  4. How might this painting have been different if a Dakota Indian had painted it?