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The Falls

Title: Cross-section of the Apron Over the Falls
Type: Diagram
Date: 1883
Source: Colonel F.U. Farquhar

Description: Farquhar, a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, created this cross-section of the dike and falls at St. Anthony.

Cross-section of the Apron Over the Falls


  1. This is a "cross-section" diagram, meaning it shows a cutaway view so you can see the Falls better. What is your view of the Falls in this digram?

  2. The concrete dike at the Falls was designed to hold up the narrow limestone layer under the water. Why do you think this might be necessary?

  3. Why might it be so important for the engineers at the Falls to create a dike to protect it?

  4. Since engineers were trying to protect the Falls, what role do you think the apron could have had in that effort?