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The Falls

Title: Bird's-eye view of St. Anthony Falls
Type: Photograph
Date: 1910
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: This 1910 photograph shows the growth of business around the Falls as well as the man-made "apron" that was designed to prevent the Falls from receding any farther.

Bird's-eye view of St. Anthony Falls


  1. What evidence of industries can you see in this photograph?

  2. The large building in the middle right of the picture is the Pillsbury A Mill. Since it used waterpower and the river seems in this photograph to be distant from the mill, how do you think the mill got waterpower?

  3. The Stone Arch Bridge in the photograph was built by James J. Hill and was used at the time for railroad transportation. What resources did the mills need that could be transported by railroad?

  4. Looking at this photograph, how would you compare it to the photograph of St. Anthony in 1865?