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Title: Article About the Slave Case
Type: Newspaper
Date: 1860
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: Abolitionists often used the local newspapers as a way of expressing their views about the Eliza Winston case. This republican writer was visiting Minnesota at the time of the escape.
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Article About the Slave Case


  1. The author of this article thinks that Minnesotans don't enforce the law that slaves should be made free when they enter the state because Minnesotans don't want to lose the money that Southerners bring to Minnesota. What does the author think is more important than that money?

  2. The editors of the newspaper disagree with the author of this article about one thing. What is it?

  3. Newspapers often present more than one side of a story. Do you think that this newspaper does that?

  4. How could the fact that author of the "Slavery in Minnesota" article has only been in town a few weeks affect the opinion local readers might have had of his ideas?