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The Civil War

Title: Article About the Attack on Fort Sumter
Type: Newspaper
Date: 1861
Source: Goodhue County Republican

Description: When Fort Sumter was attacked, signaling the start of the Civil War, the Goodhue County Republican in Red Wing published this account of the event.
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Article About the Attack on Fort Sumter


  1. This article was published about a week after the events at Fort Sumter. Why would it have taken so long for the news to travel?

  2. What sources could we find that would help us see different perspectives on the battle at Fort Sumter?

  3. The article states "thousands of persons line the shores to witness the attack." Why do you think this would be?

  4. Why do you think Major Anderson would decide to wait until his supplies were exhausted before surrendering if his defeat looked unavoidable?