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"A" Mill Explosion

Title: Map of the Mill Area
Type: Map
Date: 1878
Source: North Western Miller

Description: The explosion at the Washburn "A" damaged much more of the milling district in St. Anthony than might be expected. This map shows the surrounding area and the other buildings damaged in the event.

Map of the Mill Area


  1. How many buildings other than the Washburn "A" Mill were damaged when it exploded? Looking at the map, what other structures or features might have been damaged also?

  2. How could a map like this allow you to better understand other sources about this event that you might find?

  3. As a researcher, this map can be helpful in many ways, but what things does it NOT tell you about the event?

  4. This map gives us a diagram of the location of the explosion and a compass rose to show us directions. What other map features would have been helpful for us?