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"A" Mill Explosion

Title: Photograph of the Victims
Type: Photograph
Date: 1920
Source: The Eventually News

Description: The Washburn "A" Mill explosion did not just claim the lives of workers in one mill. Included in these photographs are the pictures of four men who died in neighboring mills.

Photograph of the Victims


  1. What in these photographs might suggest to us that these were posed and not "candid" shots?

  2. This collage of photographs was published years after the explosion in a memorial edition of a newspaper. Why do you think the newspaper would have published an issue about the event so many years later?

  3. Fourteen of the men killed worked in the Washburn "A" Mill at the time of the explosion. What does the fact that four people in neighboring mills also died tell you about the power of the explosion?

  4. What can these photos tell you about hair and clothing styles at the time?