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Title: Compares Investing to a Card Game
Type: Art
Date: 1892
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: This was the first page to a book discussing the opportunities that the Mesabi Iron Range represented.

Compares Investing to a Card Game


  1. Why do you think this picture used a drawing of a card game to discuss a business idea?

  2. The game being played is poker, and the hand is called a "straight flush," which is the best hand you can have. Why would someone show the best possible hand if the idea is risky?

  3. All of the cards are about Duluth except the last card, the ten of diamonds, which stands for the Mesabi Range. How could iron that is 100 miles away be good for Duluth?

  4. Knowing what we know today about the mining industry, did the Mesabi turn out to be good for Duluth? Was this hand worth playing?