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Puffed Wheat

Title: Universal Exposition of 1904
Type: Document
Date: 1904
Source: Jean Chesley, Red Wing, Minnesota

Description: The American Cereal Company operated a concession stand introducing puffed rice at the Universal Exposition of 1904 in St. Louis.
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Universal Exposition of 1904

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  1. How much did the American Cereal Company make in gross receipts (total sales) at its concession stand during the Exposition? How much of that money did the American Cereal Company need to give to the Exposition company (net collections) to pay for use of the booth?

  2. The signs on the booth call rice puffs "The New Confection." A confection usually refers to a kind of candy or treat. Why might the American Cereal Company have used this term to describe a cereal? How do you think the product was sold at the fair?

  3. The man in the center of the photograph is Alexander P. Anderson, the inventor of puffed rice and puffed wheat. How might we be able to identify the other people in the photograph?

  4. What do you think might be in the "cage" in the middle of the booth? Why would the American Cereal Company include this in their display?