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Puffed Wheat

Title: Article About the Digestibility of Bread
Type: Newspaper
Date: 1927
Source: Northwestern Miller

Description: The Northwestern Miller published this article about the digestibility of bread in 1927.
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Article About the Digestibility of Bread


  1. Why would it make sense for a newspaper like the Northwestern Miller to publish an article like this in its paper?

  2. What can we guess about the article's point of view by knowing the identity of the person who wrote it?

  3. Which kind of flour was considered by this author to be more easily digested and better for you?

  4. How would you find out if white flour (which is supported by this article) was a more profitable product for the milling industry than the other kinds of flour that were not supported by the article? What would the industry have to gain by promoting a flour that was more profitable to make?