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Puffed Wheat

Title: Article About the Digestibility of Bread
Type: Newspaper
Date: 1927
Source: Northwestern Miller

Description: The Northwestern Miller published this article about the digestibility of bread in 1927.


The Digestibility of Breads

By Professor Harry Snyder

The Third in a Series of Articles by the Russel Miller Milling Co.'s Chief Chemist

Some years ago the United States Department of Agriculture made extended tests to determine the digestibilty The ability of the body to break down and absorb a food that has been eaten. of different kinds of breads, made from white, whole wheat and graham flours, when these flours were all milled from the same grade of wheat. The details of the experiments and the records of the individual tests cover more than 500 pages of government reports. The results are recorded in United States Department of Agriculture Bulletins Nos. 67, 85, 101, 126, 143, 156, and also in other bulletins and reports.

The writer of this article is familiar with these tests, as one of the two series was conducted by him at the University of Minnesota, and the other, using the same flours, with different men for the digestion of cereals , was made at the University of Maine under the supervision of Dr. C.D. Woods. This investigation covered a period of 10 years under the supervision of the office of experiment stations, United States Department of Agriculture. A brief resume Summary. of the work is herewith given.

As a result of this investigation it was found that the protein and carbohydrates Nutrients used by the body for energy and for building cells. of the bread made from standard white flour were more completely digested and absorbed by the body than those of the bread made from either the whole wheat or the graham flour. Because of the greater digestibility of these nutrients Substances or ingredients that have positive nutritional value for the body. in the white bread than in the others, the white bread supplied the body with a larger amount of available energy, measured as calories, than either the whole wheat bread or the graham bread.